Beyond the Battlefield: Global Implications of Russia’s War in Ukraine

ussia’s invasion of Ukraine has altered geopolitics, initiating significant military-security, political, and economic changes in different parts of the world, including in Europe, Eurasia, and the United States, as well as across developing economies. Beyond the Battlefield: Global Implications of Russia’s War in Ukraine will break down how the February 2022 invasion and concomitant sanctions have been altering national and regional security in Russia, on the European continent, and the United States. The course will also explore implications of the war in Africa and the Indo-Pacific, where relations with Russia and the United States have been more equivocal.

You will engage with top regional, defense, and security experts in a two-day seminar, first covering historical and ideological bases behind Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to initiate a full-scale invasion of Ukraine before a comprehensive dive into political, economic, defense, and security implications of the invasion and the U.S.-led sanctions regime on Russia, the transatlantic community, and other parts of the world. Finally, you will engage in a mapping exercise on potential future developments and outcomes of the war and a path forward for Russia, Ukraine, and the West in a post-invasion world. We invite you to join us in person or virtually for this upcoming course.